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1st Person Short Version

  • I’ve been a rockstar writing and doing gigs to millions of people, built apps that were the most popular in the country, had my work featured front page in most mainstream newspapers and every major magazine I can think of including Forbes, CBS, Reuters, Canal+, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald. I’ve founded a tech startup, a real estate development company, an investment firm and write a popular blog. I have a degree in computer science and an MBA from RMIT. In 2015 I was regarded as one of the most influential young people under the age of 30 in Australia. 

3rd Person Long Version

  • Sohum Raut is a software engineer, developer, artist and founder. Under a stage name he has been a television writer and touring artist who has performed in small theatres, large stadiums and on television to millions of people. He is the founder of the Simple Technology Corporation, a technology startup, is the president of SR Developments, a real estate development company and is a partner at Hummingbird Ventures, an investment management firm.

    In 2012 he created Tramsurance which was covered by every major media outlet including the Herald Sun, New York Times, Forbes, Reuters, CBS, Canal+, BRW, The Scotsman, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and every major radio station, tv channel and front page of every mainstream newspaper in Australia and led to the creation of Melbourne’s free tram zone used by 2 – 4 million people per week.

    In 2015 he was recognised as one of the most influential young pioneers under the age of 30 in Australia by the prestigious Foundation for Young Australians. He writes a popular blog at and holds a Bachelor of Computer Science (CS) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).


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